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Choose yearly billing and save 50%!
€180 €90/year
Save €90

Engage with all your website visitors. Add your own brand and style, retain users, and drive conversion. Perfect for non-profit or small local businesses to get started with PushPro.

2,500 subscribers
2 domains
Custom branding
1 User
Audience segmentation
Welcome drip notifications
Automated Push Notification Campaigns
Priority support
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€1020 €500/year
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Target specific groups of people and see your click-through rates reach as high as 20%. Perfect for any online business that wants to accelerate growth.

25,000 subscribers
10 domains
Custom branding
5 Users
Audience segmentation
Welcome drip notifications
Automated Push Notification Campaigns
Priority support
You won't be charged until the end of your trial.


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Gain access to an unlimited amount of subscribers and domains to drastically improve your marketing performance. Get quick feedback with our priority support.

Unlimited subscribers
Unlimited domains
Custom branding
15 Users
Audience segmentation
Welcome drip notifications
Automated Push Notification Campaigns
Priority support
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Analytics and reporting
Analytics and reporting

Measure and compare the performance of your Push Notifications.

Mobile + desktop notification
Mobile + desktop notifications

Send notifications to both mobile and desktop devices.

Live notification preview and testing
Live preview and testing

Test your Push Notification message with real-time preview from within the browser.

Custom opt-in request
Custom opt-in message

Encourage a friendly approach towards your visitors with your own opt-in request.

Notification schedule program
Notification scheduling

Schedule multiple notifications for later delivery in the future.

Full browser stack support
Multi-user support

Add up to 15 team members to your account and collaborate simultaneously on one or more domains. 

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Compare all plans and features.




Includes 14-day free trial period.

Great for non-profit organisations or professionals who just started their online marketing journey.

Includes 14-day free trial period.

Advanced marketing capabilities for online businesses that want to accelerate growth.

Includes 14-day free trial period.

Custom plans for larger teams and businesses with enterprise requirements.

Push Notifications
Info about push notifications

The amount of Push Notifications you can send on a regular basis.

Info about subscribers

The amount of visitors who have opted in to receive Push Notifications from your website.

Info about domains

The amount of custom domains you can add within your plan.

Multi-user Management
Info about domains

Add up to 15 team members to your account and collaborate simultaneously on one or more domains. 

1 user
5 users
15 users
Mobile + Dekstop Notifications
Info about mobile and desktop notifications

The capability to send Push Notifications to mobile and desktop devices.

Reports & Analytics
Info about reports & analytics

Measure the performance of your Push Notifications and learn what works best.

GDPR Compliant
Info about General Data Protection Regulation compliance

By using our service your subscribers are ensured with 100% GDPR compliance.

Emojis 😋
Info about emojis

Fill your notifications with emojis for greater engagement with your subscribers.

Full Browser Support
Info about browser support

We support 80% of the most common web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Custom Branding
Info about custom branding

Remove PushPro branding from Push Notifications and opt-in messages. Make your own logo visibile to all your subscribers and website visitors.

Notification Preview
Info about notification preview

Test and preview any of your notification within your own browser before you send them out.

Scheduled Sending
Info about scheduled sending

Schedule and send multiple notification messages for later in the future.

Custom Opt-in Message
Info about custom opt-in prompt

Request permission from your visitors to receive Push Notifications with a custom and user-friendly opt-in message.

Time to Live
Info about Time to Live

Define a time to live for notifications to reach your subscribers within a specified time.

Audience Segmentation
Info about audience segmentation

Audience segmentation allows you to send targeted notifications to specific visitors of your website.

Rich Media Notifications (coming soon)
Info about rich media notifications

Add media formats like .GIF, .JPEG, .PNG, and .MP4 to your Push Notifications.

Google Analytics (coming soon)
Info about Google Analytics integration

Sync data from your google analytics account with your PushPro account to build data driven notifications.

Event Triggered Notifications
Info about event triggered notifications

Send a Push Notification after it is triggered by an initialized event your visitors make.

Drip Campaign Marketing
Info about drip campaign marketing

Send automated Push Notifications to follow-up with your subscribers in a drip campaign.

Geo Targeting (coming soon)
Info about geo targeting

Deliver different Push Notifications based on subscriber geo-location.

API Access (coming soon)
Info about the API Access

Add, update, or delete PushPro items programmatically - or connect your 3rd-party app to an external database with our API.

Info about customer support

Our support team is here to help you with any technical or non-technical questions you have.

Mail only
Mail only + Private Queue
Code level support + Private Queue
frequently asked questions

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What methods of payment do you accept?

For now, we only accept credit cards, namely VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. We are actively working towards adding support for more payment methods such as PayPal and iDeal. Contact us at if you have other payment requirements.

How secure is my payment?

We take the utmost care in protecting your data. Your payment details are completely processed by our payment service provider who is PCI DSS compliant. All communication goes through HTTPS connections which are RSA-encrypted.

How am I going to be billed?

You will be charged on a recurring basis, either monthly or yearly. We collect your payment details when you select your first paid plan. After each successful charge, we will send you a billing receipt.

Can I upgrade my PushPro subscription at any time?

Yes, you can! Navigate to your account management page in the PushPro portal where you can upgrade your plan. If you’re coming from a free plan, we will collect your payment details. Otherwise, your upgraded plan will immediately become effective after successful payment!

What if one of my recurring payments fail?

Should your recurring charge fail, we will automatically try charging you again 4 times over the course of 3 weeks. If it still fails the 4th time, we will mark your subscription as unpaid which means that you can only access our free plan features. You can always update your payment information and make sure your payment succeeds to gain full access to your account again. Contact us at for help.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so by contacting our support at Cancellation stops the auto-renewal of a PushPro subscription. Subscriptions are active until the end of the ongoing billing cycle. For instance, if you have paid for an annual subscription, it is active until the end of those 12 months. Cancellation does not delete your PushPro account and you can re-subscribe any time. Please note, all subscriptions are auto-renewed unless explicitly cancelled.

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