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Specific Push Notifications to your selected audiences.

Send Push Notifications to specific audiences, make specific segments for your Push Notifications as you keep engaging with your website visitors. Drive customers back to your website with personalized messages.

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Get closer to your audience.

With audience segmentation, we are enabling you to get even closer to your website visitors by sending highly personalized messages to specific target audiences, straight to their mobile phone.
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You can easily build segments with our audience segmentation manager. Create your audience segments and use them to target your Push Notifications.


Powerful, Simple and Easy.

Unlimited Messages

No limitations, send as many Push Notifications as you want!

One-click opt in

Let your visitors opt-in with just a single click.

GDPR Compliant

100% compliant, no hassle.

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The right message to the right person at the right time.

Get even closer to your website visitors by sending highly personalized messages to the right audience with predefined attributes to make it easier for you.

Easily build and manage segments.

Create specific segments based on demographics, browser settings, geography, and website behavior of your subscribers. With our easy-to-use Segmentation Manager, you are free to go!

Boost Engagement and Conversion rates.

Re-engage first-time visitors, send notifications in a specific language, or re-target abandoned carts. Stay in contact with your audience and keep them engaged as your brand grows!

100% GDPR-compliant.

Thanks to modern Progressive Web App technology, PushPro does not save any personal data that can be directly linked to an actual person or device. So no worries about your customers' privacy or GDPR rules, we got you covered!

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