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Automate your Push Notifications

Marketing automation

Send automated Push Notifications.

Take advantage of smooth automation. Streamline your marketing activities with fully automated Push Notifications and gain more subscribers, customers, and visitors.

Event triggered notifications

Define how you would like to get your notifications triggered, either by events or actions visitors take.

Entry filters and segmentation

Set entry filters to specify who is allowed to enter the campaign using custom segments.

Drip campaigns

Combine event triggers and user segments in the timeline to build a set of drip campaigns that help you build the best marketing strategy for your business.

New subscriber events

Send welcome messages right away.

With the new subscriber event, you can send Push Notifications to new customers and visitors of your website, directly when they've opted-in for your Push Notifications.

Welcome your new subscribers

Welcome your new visitors or customers with a reward or introduction Push Notification without needing their personal information!

New customer event

Ecommerce businesses take great advantage of sending Push Notifications to new customers as they bind their customers and increase loyality.

New visitor event

Send a direct message to new visitors of your website. From here, you can lead your visitors into your growth funnel resulting in more leads and conversions.

interVal events

Create perfect timings for your campaigns.

Interval events are used to activate your campaigns based on a time interval when the campaign should occur, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Send notifications based on a schedule or interval

If you post events, blogs, news, or updates more often, you can have these promoted automatically in the future with interval events without the hassle of taking manual actions.

Recurring tasks

Eliminate recurring tasks by using interval events campaigns which are created specifically for tasks you normally have to do manually or more often.

Deliver on selected date times

You can set multiple time schedules in a day to send your Push Notification or you can have a campaign run on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

page visited events

Gain leads and conversions effortlessly.

With page-visited events, you can create page specific drip campaigns to effortlessly gather more leads and conversions. In addition, you give a significant boost to increased user experience after you send targeted messages for the page in question.

Create page specific notifications

Make notifications for certain landing pages and increase the page relevance by further optimizing the page with a drip campaign.

Wildcard combinations

By identifying wildcards, you can specify multiple pages to activate the campaign such as blogs, collection, or brand pages. The Push Notification for these pages will be sent based on how you configured the campaign.

Drip campaigns

When a potential customer visited your page, you can automatically keep up the communication for a change of converting the person in question without doing all the work yourself. E.g., scheduling a demo, promoting your e-book, rewards, and cross-page promotions.

Entry filters

Define the audience suitable for your campaign.

You can use entry filters to more accurately define when subscribers enter the campaign based on pre-defined audience segments or a subscriber check by the campaign.

Filter who should enter the campaign

Whether visitors come from a special region or time zone, PushPro comes with a set of predefined attributes to build segments.

Segment templates

Turn your own segments into templates to apply them in your drip campaigns in order to approach the most suitable people that result in a conversion.

Recurrence filtering

Use recurring filters to determine how many times the same visitor may belong to the campaign so that it doesn't seem bothersome.

Work with templates

Build outstanding marketing templates.

Take advantage of easily creating custom templates for both your Push Notifications and audience segments, use them for your drip campaigns, and work with your team together.

Build your campaign with templates

Place and replace templates of your Push Notifications and audience segments in your campaign. Work fast, accurately, and efficiently.

Templates for segmentation

Easily set up your segments in the Audience Segmentation Manager and save it as a template for your next campaign.

Push Notification templates

Build and save Push Notification templates tailored for a specific purpose which can be used for your new subscriber, interval, or page visited event triggers.

Analyze your tactics

Manage your campaign performance

You can figure out what tactics will help you achieve your marketing goals for every campaign you run. Plus, what moments your drip campaign works best.

Campaign statistics and overview

In the campaign overview, you can check all the statistics of your campaign such as amount of runs, entrance, and notifications details per trigger.

View notification performance

Check your notification details and compare their performance to others.

Campaign activation

Pause and play you campaign at any time you want. You can easily run multiple campaigns together!

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Cancel at any time

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Competitive pricing

Take advantage of competitive prices combined with great features.

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Supported browsers and OS

80% of worldwide browsers are supported

It is estimated that 60-80% of your current visitors can receive browser notifications. Push Notifications work on any Android, Apple, and Microsoft device as shown below. Please note that Apple does not support Web Push Notifications on iOS.

Learn more about iOS Push Notifications.


PushPro is 100% GDPR Proof

Personal information of subscribers is not required

PushPro ensures that you will continue to comply with the GDPR and other similar regulations without making changes to your policy. We do not collect any personal data from subscribers. You can always safely and privately send Push Notifications from your website or eCommerce platform.

Learn more about PushPro and the General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR compliant

We ensure GDPR compliance at all times. PushPro does not collect any personal information of your end-users.

Secure for your website visitors

We care deeply about your and your end-users’ privacy. They can opt-out from Push Notifications from your website at any time meanwhile their data will be removed.

Data Processing Agreement upon request

We offer a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for your organisation's data which makes it easier for you to guarantee that your best practice contractual protection provisions will be used.

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