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What are web Push Notifications and why do they matter?

Do you also find it hard to stand out in today’s digital world with all these possibilities to promote your products and services? Well we’ve got you covered. There’s a new way to be directly visible on the home screen of your visitors. This results in super high click through rates: 15% on average.  That’s five times higher than email!  Do you want to discover how? Read the blog👇

Back to the basics; Push Notifications explained

We all receive Push Notifications; the small messages on our phone informing us about news, likes and new followers, the weather, and even discounts from our favourite apps. These notifications all come from popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, weather apps and many more. But most of us are not yet familiar with web Push Notifications. 

So what exactly are web Push Notifications? 

Web Push Notifications, also known as browser Push Notifications, are small messages that can be sent directly to the home screen of your website visitor. The notifications are delivered on desktop, mobile, tablet or even smartwatches, even when a user has already left your website. No native app needed! You can imagine that this new technology is very valuable for marketers, as it is a new way to directly engage with the audience that was invisible to you before. But how can Push Notifications be of value for your business? 

Why Push Notifications matter

Nowadays almost every person uses the internet and over 90% of the global internet population use a mobile phone to go online. This is a huge opportunity for all online businesses, the impact of being present on a user’s home screen is enormous. The place where every marketer wants to be! 

The best thing about Web Push Notifications is that they grab immediate attention, you always see them, you look at them, and if the notification is truly relevant, you will open it. The perfect way to turn visitors into loyal customers. 

You can imagine that web Push Notifications offer a unique value to any online business, no matter the size or the branche. There isn’t just a single way, it can be used however you want. 

👉Abandoned cart reminders and discounts for ecommerce

👉News updates for public broadcasting and news sites

👉Sports match announcements for fan clubs and local sports clubs

👉Announce open days and study programs for schools and universities 

But wait - there’s even more:  

  • Did you know that you can reach click-through-rates of more than 15% with web Push Notifications? 
  • Average opt-in rates of 20% compared to just 2% for email marketing
  • No personal data needed and it only takes one click to subscribe
  • Just a 5-minute install, no coding and no native app required
  • Create segments and send personalized messages to specific target audiences based on behavior, last visits, language, time zones and more
  • Turn visitors into paying customers with abandoned cart notifications 

Sounds great right? Standing out in today’s communication jungle is a challenge for all of us. It is crucial to be the first one grabbing a user’s attention. However, there isn’t just one platform that can do this for you; that’s where the importance of multi channel marketing comes in. Combine the power of different marketing channels to interact and engage with your audience, enabling them to take action - ideally to buy your product or service - using the channels they prefer. 

Want to experience the benefits of Push Notifications yourself? Create your PushPro account and start a 14-day free trial to try out all features. Start engaging today! 

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