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Customer Engagement - the first step towards success

Nowadays, we live in a world where customers have too many choices when it comes to products and services. It is, therefore, very important to build a connection with your (potential) customers so they will choose you again.

But how can you build a connection with them? How can you engage with your customers? That will be explained in this blog (click here for the Dutch version).

Engage and grow

Personalized messages, relevant content, and direct interaction. What is the first thing that comes to mind when hearing these 3 keywords? E-mail marketing, isn’t it?

Understandable, but e-mail marketing is not as effective as you would want it to be. Only 2% of your website visitors subscribe to your newsletter, an average of 25-30% actually opens your e-mail, and less than 3% click on the call-to-action button/link.

Push Notifications, on the other hand, are way more effective as well as more affordable. We’ve seen average opt-in rates of 20%, opening rates of more than 50%, and average CTRs of 10-15%. It’s an innovative and original way to increase customer engagement and give your business a boost.

The best thing about Push Notifications is that any online business can start sending them, no matter what industry they’re in or what products/services they offer. Especially for retail businesses, the value of Push Notifications is unprecedented.

The benefits of Push Notifications

  • Average increases in revenue of 17%
  • Average click-through rates of 10-15%
  • 7x higher customer retention
  • 9.6x more conversions
  • Reach up to 20% more customers compared to email marketing

Besides these key benefits, Push Notifications bring along many more benefits. It is not only extremely easy to create and send notifications, but it is also very affordable. No need for expensive marketing tools to reach your goals.

Furthermore, it offers the ability to send personalized messages. Segment your subscribers and make sure the right audience receives the right message. Plus, it’s 100% GDPR-proof. Your website visitors don’t have to leave any personal details nor do we collect any personal information. Just one click and you are ready to go.

Want to experience these benefits yourself? Get started with our 14-day free trial and see what direct engagement can do for your business.

Retail Outlook

Retail Outlook is a Dutch knowledge platform, initiated by Q&A. Here, you can find the latest trends and developments in the retail industry. Relevant information is shared for and by retail professionals. PushPro is happy to be a valuable contributor to the platform.

Are you a Dutch (online) retailer? Make sure to check out their platform and to increase your knowledge. And don’t forget to start sending Push Notifications to your website visitors! Engaging has never been so easy.

Ready to take PushPro for a spin? Get started for free now.

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