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Meaningful and delightful experiences with Gingerless x PushPro

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with Gingerless. Together, we’re helping online businesses to succeed and complete their business goals.

Meet Gingerless

Gingerless is a sales-minded design agency, born to design and build digital products. Their team turns ideas into meaningful and delightful experiences and helps you to complete your business goals and everything that comes with it. From digital marketing and eCommerce to web design and digital design, they do it.

At Gingerless, they understand how important reliability and trust are. They meet their deadlines and make it a sport to be on time. They are perfectionists, every detail counts. But, most importantly, they offer you a smiling service, because that’s what they do it for. Building digital wow’s is in their heart.

Get the experience you deserve

This partnership gives Gingerless’ customers the opportunity to, among others,

  • engage with their customers
  • grow their business and achieve business goals
  • lure customers back to their website
  • get direct support when installing PushPro

Partnering with Gingerless allows us to reach a broader audience, increase our brand awareness, and our sales. But, more importantly, it allows us to help more online businesses to grow, to succeed. With our Push Notification marketing tool, we give companies the power to create engaging experiences and to directly reach their customers on any (mobile) device.

Edvin Oklopcic, co-founder of Gingerless, said:

“We use and recommend using PushPro as an accessible way to communicate. You can easily draw website visitors’ attention to your products and services, even when they’ve already left your website.”

We’re very happy about our partnership with Gingerless! Together, we strive to provide their customers with an effective and affordable Push Notification marketing tool, enabling them to increase customer engagement while experiencing business growth. 

Experience the power of Push Notifications and see what direct engagement can do for your business. Start with your 14-day free trial now.

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