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How PushPro works.

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Connect your website with PushPro

Installation is done within minutes

Start sending Push Notifications from your website in a few minutes. We have detailed documentation and plugins for several eCommerce and content management systems.

Plugins available

To make PushPro quick and easy to install, you can use various plugins available for your website CMS.

Complete documentation

Rather install Push Notifications on your website manually? All it takes is adding one javascript file and a few lines of code in your HTML.

Assistance and support

If you need help with PushPro, our support team is at your service!

Connecting PushPro to your website

Acquiring subscribers

Lower the barrier

In order to send Push Notifications from your website, it is essential that your visitors subscribe to receive Push Notifications from your website. Visitors of any type of device can register to receive notifications using the custom opt-in or browser prompt.

Learn more about Push Notifications

Notifications for every device type

The prompt to allow Push Notifications is displayed on every device type such as laptop, tablet, and mobile.

One step opt-in

Let your visitors subscribe to Push Notifications from your website with just one simple click.

Unsubscribe from Push Notifications

People can subscribe and unsubscribe from your Web Push Notification at any time.

Customize your opt-in request

Make it your own

Be creative and design the opt-in the way you want it, increase user experience, and explain to visitors how your Push Notifications will add value for them.

Learn more about customizing your opt-in.

Every styling feature you need

PushPro is packed with all the styling features you need to grow your subscribers.

Explain the benefits to visitors

With the custom opt-in, you can inform visitors about the benefits of accepting and receiving Push Notifications.

Improve user experience

Place the opt-in wherever and however you want, creating the optimal funnel for greater user experience.

Sending Push Notifications

Deliver the perfect message

Create your own unique Push Notification for the visitors of your website or eCommerce platform. Create drafts, schedule notifications in advance, and test them in your own browser.

Learn more about getting started with Push Notifications.

Send Push Notifications

Create your own timely, relevant, and engaging Web Push Notification and send it to your website subscribers.

Test before sending

Preview your notification in the editor and test in your own browser before you send it.

Schedule your notifications

Schedule your Push Notifications for the future and determine the moment of sending.

Custom call to action button

Drive conversion with a call to action button and drive traffic by setting a destination URL for your Push Notification.

Audience Segmentation

Define your own audience

Go beyond generic and create a set of segments to send specific Web Push Notifications to the right people. Use a large number of different attributes and rules to create segments.

Learn more about audience segmentation.

Serve the right audience

Increase engagement by sending Push Notifications to specific visitors of your website.

Filter by attribute rules

Create filters using rules and attributes based on various criteria like device type, timezone, and page url's or titles.

Estimate your audience

The size of your segment and the reached target group is automatically measured with the audience estimator.

Automating your Notifications

Set up the ultimate conversion funnel

Setting up a fully automated Push Notification flow for your website is easily done with PushPro campaigns. You are able to choose between different triggers, segmentation, and usage statistics.

Learn more about Push Notification campaigns.

Decision rules

Set decision rules based on logical statements.


Use segments within campaigns to increase relevance.

Template builder

Build campaign Push Notification templates.

Campaign statistics

Analyze the performance of each campaign in detail.

Drip notifications

Pre-written drip notifications to greet your new subscribers.

Page visit events

Send notifications after a certain page was visited.

New subscriber events

Set a trigger when someone subscribes to your website.

Timebased events

Recurring interval notifications for daily / weekly / monthly offers.

We scale with you.

Tick all the boxes with our PRO features.

14-days free of charge

Sign up for free and benefit from 14 days of full functionality.

Cancel at any time

You can cancel at any time, just let one of our support agents know.

Competitive pricing

Take advantage of competitive prices combined with great features.

Supported browsers and OS

80% of worldwide browsers are supported

It is estimated that 60-80% of your current visitors can receive browser notifications. Push Notifications work on any Android, Apple, and Microsoft device as shown below. Please note that Apple does not support Web Push Notifications on iOS.

Learn more about iOS Push Notifications.

PushPro is 100% GDPR Proof

Personal information of subscribers is not required

PushPro ensures that you will continue to comply with the GDPR and other similar regulations without making changes to your policy. We do not collect any personal data from subscribers. You can always safely and privately send Push Notifications from your website or eCommerce platform.

Learn more about PushPro and the General Data Protection Regulation.

GDPR compliant

We ensure GDPR compliance at all times. PushPro does not collect any personal information of your end-users.

Secure for your website visitors

We care deeply about your and your end-users’ privacy. They can opt-out from Push Notifications from your website at any time meanwhile their data will be removed.

Data Processing Agreement upon request

We offer a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for your organisation's data which makes it easier for you to guarantee that your best practice contractual protection provisions will be used.

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