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5 Great Examples of Relevant Push Notifications in 2020

5 great examples of hyper-relevant Push Notifications in 2020

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are messages sent to a device from a server, often associated with apps these are becoming more commonplace with websites. These types of messages can generate traffic, increase conversion, and vastly improve user engagement. It’s important that a user opts in to receive notifications and the content is relevant and useful.

What makes a Push Notification relevant?

Push Notifications should be engaging, relevant, and useful from the get-go. Here are three things to keep in mind for your next Push Notification campaign.


To make your Push Notification effective at first sight, start with a great headline. Don’t make it too long but make sure it contains enough information to engage the recipient. Including emojis can be a great way to show the tone and type of notification. You could use a parcel emoji for delivery information or a gift emoji for an upcoming offer.

Include your logo

Including your logo will add a level of recognition and trust. Because your recipient will have already had an interaction with you, they’re more likely to open up the notifications you send.

An appropriate call-to-action

Above all, relevant Push Notifications always contain a meaningful CTA (call-to-action). It’s a fact that once a recipient receives the Push Notification, they decide whether to open it or not. Therefore, you have to make use of the situation and craft a good call to action, give them a good reason to click on your Push Notification.

Below are some great examples of Push Notifications that have worked well for their users.

Sports Associations: User Engagement

Example of a push notification used by sports associations to re-engage with their audience

Why does this work?

We see that, in recent years, communication is an important factor for many sports associations because they want to share daily news about games, matches, and players with their members and fans. Sports associations who take their advantage of using Push Notifications are no longer struggling with getting their messages heard.

Ecommerce Businesses: Customer Retention  

Example of a push notification used by ecommerce businesses to promote sales

Why does this work?

With the dominance of big Marketplaces like Amazon, small businesses need to do everything they can to compete. Most business owners try to keep up by lowering their prices or adding promotions. What if you want to reach first-time visitors who have been exploring your web shop but not converted or come back? Sending Push Notifications can be a great way to re-engage these visitors, especially if you have something good to offer them.

Restaurants: Seasonal Offering

Example of a push notification used by restaurants or season offerings

Why does this work?

Menus often change drastically with the seasons. Sending customers notifications with information about delicious new drinks and meals is a great way to entice them back through your doors.  

Comparison Sites: Comparison Notifications

Example of a push notification used by comparison sites

Why does this work?

Comparison sites have the advantage of knowing exactly what product or service a customer is looking at and that there is a good chance they will buy it. Sending Push Notifications is a great way to give customers a gentle nudge towards your checkout.

Publishers: News & Blog Posts

Example of a push notification used by publishers for blogs and news

Why does this work?

If you're an active blogger or news publisher, sending Push Notifications is a great way to keep your readers engaged. Schedule notifications to be inline with your news or blog posts. The more relevant your Push Notification is, the bigger the chance they will open it and read your posts.


Push Notifications can be an incredible tool to boost engagement with you and your services. The more relevant the notification, the more chance it has to work and for your subscribers to stay subscribed. To send really effective campaigns, you need to understand your customers and why they’ve engaged with you. Analytics and reporting are vital to understanding what’s working and what isn’t so your campaigns can stay successful and relevant in the future.

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