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Launching PushPro 2.0: Full Audience Segmentation

After the successful launch of PushPro a few weeks ago, we are happy to announce that we can share PushPro version 2.0 with you!

PushPro is a tool designed to increase personal user engagement. Based on the newest Progressive Web App technologies, it gives you the power to communicate with your website visitors directly on their phone. In contrast to traditional email marketing which gets lost in overflowing mailboxes or directly goes to spam, PushPro has the advantage that messages will always be seen and noticed by its visitors.

PushPro users prove the power of this new marketing medium as a result they managed to collect thousands of subscribers with click through rates in double digits.

Audience Segmentation

As of today, PushPro gets even better. With the launch of PushPro 2.0, we are providing you with the power to get even closer to your website visitors - by sending highly personalized messages to specific target audiences with our fully automated Audience Segmentation manager!

From now on, PushPro 2.0 allows you to create very specific campaigns for segmented audiences - based on demographics, online behavior, geography, and more.

Audience Segmentation is a powerful feature to send your Push Notifications to a specific group of people. It enables you to send notifications to subscribers who for example speak Spanish, visited a specific page on your website, or use a specific device or browser. 

With PushPro, you can easily create segments and save them to be (re)used later in campaigns. Create a segment for high value Spanish customers, or, for example, German speaking people who have visited your check-out page, and even segments for Android users who have been on a page containing ‘shoes’ in the last 30 days. The possibilities are endless. 

Screenshot of the Audience Segmentation feature in the PushPro portal
Create Segments with our Segmentation Manager

GDPR Proof

Targeted messages sounds cool, but do you have any European website visitors? Then you probably have to deal with the GDPR, regulating and restricting the use of personal data. For many website owners, this means that if they want to use personalized marketing tools, they had to adjust their website, ask all their users for specific consent, and put mechanisms in place to keep the data safe. 

Although PushPro allows for full audience segmentation marketing, it is 100% GDPR proof. PushPro is making use of the newest PWA Service Worker technologies, allowing you to send very specific messages to segmented audiences without knowing any personal details about this user. PushPro does not save any data that can be directly linked to an actual person or device (in a follow-up blog, we will explain how this works in-depth). Making PushPro 100% GDPR proof - 100% headache free.

Available now

PushPro Audience Segmentation is available for any Booming user. For just €85 per month or €500 per year, you unlock this full feature set and can send unlimited (segmented) messages to 25,000 subscribers. With these very competitive PushPro prices, we are inviting any marketer who is looking for highly engaging customer experiences - communicating directly on their audience’s personal devices. 

For just €85 per month or €500, you can start sending unlimited Push Notifications to your Segmented Audience - Are you ready to step into the future of online marketing? Start Pushing today!

Ready to take PushPro for a spin? Get started for free now.

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