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Customize the opt-in request

Customize the opt-in request

A custom opt-in request will significantly improve your subscriber numbers. Instead of only showing the browser prompt, the PushPro custom opt-in will show an pop-up which is fully customizable. Gain brand awareness and friendly tell your visitors you would like to offer them your Push Notification service.

By default, we configured a standard opt-in request for you. You can change your custom opt-in by going to “Configuration” -> “Custom opt-in”.

Select what you want to customize. This can be content, styling, and settings.

Screenshot of custom opt-in settings in PushPro portal


Once you’re here, enter your “opt-in title”, “opt-in message”, and “button text”.


Configure your styling as you like, for example, in your website styling to make it user friendly and give a certain amount of trust to your users.

Styling the opt-in can be done by giving a background color to the opt-in as well as a text color.

Next, you can style the allow/don’t allow buttons text, borders, and backgrounds. On mouse-over, you create different effects to give it a fancy look and feel.


You can configure the following settings:

  • When to trigger the opt-in prompt
  • Interaction with the website whenever the opt-in is shown
  • Position of the custom opt-in prompt
  • When to prompt visitors again who previously rejected

When to trigger the opt-in prompt

You can either automatically show the opt-in prompt as soon as a visitor loads your website or after a particular interaction. In the case of triggering it after an interaction, you can paste a line of code in your website's code. For example, whenever someone clicks a button or clicks a certain link. You must paste the following line of code to your website's code to manually trigger the opt-in: 


You can either choose to only display the native browser prompt after an interaction or show the PushPro custom prompt first.

Interaction with the website when the opt-in is shown

You may want to allow website visitors to continue engaging with your website whenever the opt-in prompt is shown. On the other hand, you may want to force them to allow or deny your prompt first. Toggling this setting to 'on' allows your visitors to engage with the rest of your website. By default, it is set to 'off'.

Position of the custom opt-in prompt

You can configure the opt-in position where your visitors will see your opt-in as you like. You can choose between:

  • Bottom left
  • Bottom center
  • Bottom right
  • Top left
  • Top center
  • Top right
  • Center left
  • Center center
  • Center right

Tip: Verify if your opt-in request is not overlaying your cooking consent or other banners.

When to prompt visitors who previously rejected your opt-in

When your visitors decide to not accept your opt-in, you can configure a timeframe to determine when they receive your opt-in again. You can select your preferred time frame or simple never show the opt-in again.

Verify your setup

You can verify if you set everything up correctly by navigating to If you see a push notification opt-in request, everything is working! That’s all, your website is now ready to send push notifications!

If you do not see an opt-in request, you can check whether the code snippet and javascript file were correctly added. Navigate to Here you should find the following text:


Next up, you can verify whether you correctly added the code snippet. On, right-click anywhere on the website and select “Page Source”. Here, you should find the following text:

window.__pushpro = {
site_uuid: "your-unique-identifier",

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