After setting up the basic details for the campaign, the next step is to configure the timeline. This is where the magic happens! A campaign always has a ‘Start’ and an ‘Ending’. In the case of a new subscriber campaign, a default 1-minute pause step is added to the top of the timeline. You can increase the time to hold if needed. This ensures that each new subscriber receives the first notification of your timeline. The timeline describes the possible path(s) a subscriber can follow from start to end. In the timeline, you can have the following block types:

Screenshot showing the different steps you can include in the campaign timeline.

Start: all subscribers who match the campaign trigger and entry filters are placed here.

Pause Block: these blocks are used to put subscribers on hold for a certain amount of time in the timeline. You can name hold blocks so you can easily recognize what happens in the step. 

Decision Block: decision blocks enable you to let subscribers take different paths throughout the campaign timeline based on their activity. Each block allows for three different paths. You can configure one hold, and two rules. Rules allow you to check whether a subscriber has viewed a certain page on your website or received/opened/clicked a specific notification. Note that subscribers can only match one decision at a time. Setting two rules and connecting them to a single notification does not mean that subscribers must match both rules before they receive the notification.

Notification Block: select a notification template to send to your subscribers.

End: subscribers completed the timeline and exit the campaign run

Let's look at how you can use decision blocks. For example, you could configure the campaign timeline like the figure below:

Screenshot of a campaign timeline example in the PushPro portal

In this example, before the decision block, subscribers receive a Visit Careers notification. The decision block checks whether the subscriber has clicked that notification or discarded it. Rule 1 (the first message event) checks whether it was clicked, and if so, routes the subscriber to the end of the campaign:

Screenshot of the decision step settings in the campaign timeline

Rule 2 (the second message event) checks if the notification has not been clicked. If so, the campaign waits 3 days after which the subscriber receives the notification again.

Verify your setup

You can verify if you set everything up correctly by navigating to If you see a push notification opt-in request, everything is working! That’s all, your website is now ready to send push notifications!

If you do not see an opt-in request, you can check whether the code snippet and javascript file were correctly added. Navigate to Here you should find the following text:


Next up, you can verify whether you correctly added the code snippet. On, right-click anywhere on the website and select “Page Source”. Here, you should find the following text:

window.__pushpro = {
site_uuid: "your-unique-identifier",

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