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Multi-user Management

With multi-user Management you are able to add multiple users to your account. For every domain you can see the team members and when you click on team members you are able to invite other members. Just click on ‘invite member’ and fill in some details about this member: email address, first name, last name and choose if this user will become an administrator. Now you can choose whether this team member will become an editor or a viewer. You can for example add a team member as an editor to your first domain and as a viewer to your second domain. You can also deny access to a specific domain, which means that the team member will not have access to this domain. 

Now you can work together on your push notification marketing. You can work together in the same domain but you can also choose to work on separate domains. 

Multi-user Management is only available within the Business and Enterprise plan. The Business plan allows you to have up to five users and the Enterprise plan has a maximum of 15 users.

Screenshot of domain configuration in the PushPro portal where you can edit a members editor access.

Verify your setup

You can verify if you set everything up correctly by navigating to If you see a push notification opt-in request, everything is working! That’s all, your website is now ready to send push notifications!

If you do not see an opt-in request, you can check whether the code snippet and javascript file were correctly added. Navigate to Here you should find the following text:


Next up, you can verify whether you correctly added the code snippet. On, right-click anywhere on the website and select “Page Source”. Here, you should find the following text:

window.__pushpro = {
site_uuid: "your-unique-identifier",

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