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80% higher opening rate with Emoticons?! 😲Here is why!

How can Emojis bring serious increasement of user engagement?

80% higher opening rate with Emoticons?! 😲Here is why!

Emoticons are everywhere. They have become an international language that everyone gets. Your best friend, your partner, and even your grandmother. Emoticons just work. Psychologist and scientist agree that emojis are the digital version of face-expression used in a conversation.

Given that 93% of communication is nonverbal, it is no surprise that emoticons, or short, emojis, have turned to become a language in itself. It even is the fastest growing language of all time.

60 billion emojis

On a daily basis, more than 60 billion emojis are being sent worldwide. Although some emojis have different meanings in different parts of the world (be careful when you are using this 👌 emoji element in some parts of South America) and some emojis even got a live by itself (hello 🍑and 🍆), in general we all understand this very visual and international language.

Interesting to mention is that 92% of the online population is using emoticons. Some a bit more frequent than others, but nearly everyone is using them.

Chart about the use of emojis / emoticons worldwide

Using emoticons in marketing messages

Studies show that consumer buying is strongly influenced by emotions rather than information and logic. Especially for millenials of which 72% say they find it easier to convey feelings using emojis than words.

When we are looking at marketing and how we promote our products, brands, and services - it is all about evoking the right emotions and creating an engaging experience. Having said that, what better way than emoticons to express yourself better!

Emoji conversations can reveal brand sentiment, brand association, product launch, and product offering awareness.

Recent studies about the use of emoticons in Push Notifications found the following:

  • Increase in open rates by 80%
  • Increase conversions by 9%
  • Boost day to retention by 28%
  • Outperformed using full images by 9%

Why use emojis in Push Messages?

  • To Provide Instant Understanding. Emojis are extremely useful in mobile push messages when the symbol relates to your message. Ecommerce apps may want to use a purse emoji when messaging users about a handbag deal or use the high heel emoji when promoting a shoe flash sale. Travel apps could use a plane emoji when notifying users about flight discounts and sports apps might consider using emoji flags to show users which teams are facing off against one another. Those are just a few possibilities!
  • To Draw The Eye. Our eyes naturally are drawn to imagery. Implementing emojis in your push messages makes your messages more difficult for users to ignore.
  • To Add Emotion. Emojis are a great way to add a spice of emotion such as excitement, surprise, or happiness to an otherwise ordinary push message.
  • To Shorten Message Length. Since emojis can provide instant understanding to users, using emojis often allows apps to cut down on the amount of text they use in their push messages. This saves valuable text space and also keeps users happier.

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