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9 Common Mistakes of Sending Push Notifications

9 Best practises of common Push Notifications mistakes explained

Not all Push Notifications are effective and deliver the results expected. Sometimes, they can in fact be detrimental to your brand or marketing campaign. We’ve created a list of common mistakes so you can easily understand the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to Push Notifications.

Infographic about 9 common mistakes of push notifications often made by users
You can use this infographic when creating your push notification messages

1. Know your audience

Before you even start sending Push Notifications, always make sure you know who your website visitors are and who your target audience is. Data tools like Google Analytics can help you with this.

2. Sending at an appropriate time

The time your message is received, will have a big impact on how useful it is. The optimum time is likely to be different depending on your business or the message you are sending. Most people won’t want to be informed about a sale in the middle of the night.  

Quote: For our eCommerce business, we mainly send Push Notifications as soon as there is a new action or promotion.

3. Make it relevant

Send notifications that are actually of interest to your users. This will increase your chance of higher opening rates. "I don't care about discounts" - said nobody.

4. Don’t spam your customers

We understand that you might regularly have new offers or content that you want to shout about. This should not always translate to new notifications. Keep in mind the volume of notifications you are sending so they don’t appear as spam. This could lead to your customers unsubscribing.

5. Define your goals

Before you start sending, set a goal. The result of Push Notifications feel much better when they are tailored to the goal you set.

6. Measure results and performance

Make sure you know how your Push Notifications perform, where you can improve, and what you are doing right.

7. Set a custom opt-in message

With an opt-in, you can specify with why you want to send Push Notifications, so your users will never be surprised. This will result in a higher click through rate.

8. Always double check for typos

Typos and spelling mistakes are easy enough to make. It’s worth double checking your message before hitting send.

Quote: "60% of users stop reading after they've read more than one spelling mistake."

9. Set an appropriate landing page

Sending a Push Notification is one thing, but making sure it turns into a successful conversion also depends on where your customers are directed to. Make sure your landing page is clear and inline with the notification sent.

With this information, you are ready to avoid common mistakes and are able to create qualitative Push Notifications that result in higher conversions.

In a nutshell

Making mistakes is not always bad, but it's better to prevent them. Therefore, keep the following in mind:

  • Get to know your audience first
  • Sending Push Notifications at an appropriate time
  • Make your notifications as relevant as possible
  • Never ever spam your subscribers
  • Set a goal before reaching out to your audience
  • Keep track of how your notifications are performing
  • Using a custom opt-in can help you build a more reliable audience
  • Take a few seconds to double check your push notifications for typos
  • Make sure your subscribers are directed to the right place after clicking on your notifications

I hope this blog helps you create awesome Push Notifications and generate great results!

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