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A Fresh New Look And More Updates 😍

Learn what’s new in this PushPro update.

Introducing our new portal💥

We fully renewed and redesigned our portal to make it easier for you as a user to manage, set up, and send your Push Notifications. We also optimized the configuration process and added a few new features.

Screenshot of domain dashboard in the PushPro portal

What's new?

A Fresh Look

So we completely redesigned the portal to make it user friendly and guide you through all the steps from setting up your domain to creating your first Push Notification. We created an overview of all your (in)active domains when you login so you have full control of what is happening.

We have a list of what the new portal offers you:


  • Domain(s) overview and overall performance
  • Domains are selectable and can be configured individually


  • Overview of sent, draft, and scheduled notifications
  • Drafts and scheduled notifications are manageable
  • Notification composing with test functionality
  • Set a Time to live and vibration pattern
  • Notification summary


  • Overview of your segments and subscribers
  • Preview the amount of subscribers your segment will impact


  • Analytical overview of the performance from your current domain


  • Easy three step verification for configuring your domain
  • Customize your opt-in message in a few clicks
  • Tracking and domain activity enabled by default


  • Alert messages
  • Manage your invoices
Screenshot of how to create a Push Notification in the PushPro portal


Time to Live and Vibration patterns

Time to live: The time to live value controls the period PushPro tries to deliver a message to your subscribers. This is especially useful for non-mobile devices which are not always online. You can reduce the TTL for time-sensitive messages. That way your subscribers won’t receive the messages after it stopped being relevant. This can be very helpful if you send time specific notifications like promotional offers or limited time events.

Vibration patterns:
You can choose a vibration pattern for the device’s vibration hardware to emit when the notifications fires. At the moment, this functionality is supported by Chrome, Opera, and Samsung browsers on Android up to version O. It is a fun feature and it can also give an indication of the urgency of a notification.

Screenshot of the Time to Live and vibration pattern feature in the PushPro portal

Free Trial

For users on a free account, we now offer a 14-day trial for free! You can take a deep dive into all the Pro features of our premium plans and experience how Push Notifications can take your business to the next level.

So if you haven't used the free trial already; go to the upgrade page and claim your free 14 days!

Then go ahead and login to your account to see the new look and try out those new features. We love to hear what you think about these updates. If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to contact us.

Ready to take PushPro for a spin? Get started for free now.

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