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Build a Proven Drip Campaign with Push Notifications

Push Notifications in your drip campaign

Sending Push Notifications to your visitors is a great way to improve customer engagement and loyalty. One issue with Push Notification marketing can be communicating older content to new subscribers. To combat this, you can use marketing automation as well as sending future Push Notifications.

What is a drip campaign?

You might be thinking, ‘a drip campaign’, that sounds like fun, but what exactly is it? Drip campaigns play a role in marketing automation and are used by many professional marketers worldwide; it’s also known as drip marketing. The concept is always the same: based on a specific event, a company automatically sends a set of communications, such as emails or Push Notifications.

Automated drip campaigns can help turn visitors into customers. Your visitors will always receive relevant, timely, and precise Push Notifications, your sales pipeline will have fewer leaks, and you will have more time to focus on scaling up your marketing.

How does a drip campaign work?

A drip campaign works by sending automated Push Notifications based on a customer's actions, often referred to as ‘triggers’. A trigger can be when someone has visited a certain web page or has been browsing your site for a set period of time.

An example of this could be sending a Push Notification immediately after a purchase, then another notification a few days later, and again the following weekend.

Push Notifications vs. Email Drip Campaigns

You might not have heard of drip campaigns before, but if you have, chances are you know them from e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is where drip campaigns originated and are still used very successfully.

Email and Push Notification drip campaigns have a lot of similarities but there are a few fundamental differences. The main being that Push Notifications are immediately visible, rather than an email that might not be noticed for days by which time it could be stale. There is also no risk of Push Notifications going into a customer's ‘spam’ box. Push Notifications are also more concise and drive visitors to a single page or action. This can be extremely powerful if the right message is sent.

Both Push Notifications and emails can complement each other and make for a very successful marketing campaign.

Drip campaign example visualised

Types of drip campaigns

There are numerous types of drip campaign. Here are a few examples:

  • Informative drip campaign
  • Educational drip campaign
  • Win back-drip campaign
  • Top of mind drip campaign
  • Promotional drip campaign

Informative drip campaign

These campaigns give customers information about your business including unique selling points and opening hours. This kind of drip campaign is great for building a customer trust in you and your business.

Informative drip campaign illustration

Educational drip campaign

These drip campaigns will educate your visitors over a period of time so they can better understand your products and services.The goal is to keep your visitors engaged with relevant content.

Educational drip campaign illustration

Win back-drip campaign

You send these drips to users who haven't interacted with your site for quite a while. With these types of drips, the aim is to make sure that interest in your company returns.

Win back drip campaign illustration

Top of mind drip campaign

The aim of these drips is to stay at the forefront of your customers minds. If people forget you, they are more likely to look at a competitor.

Top of mind drip campaign illustration

Promotional drip campaign

Offers and promotional codes can be a great way to turn visitors into sales. An example of this is to target customers who have visited a page for a long period of time or multiple times without converting. A good offer could turn that maybe into a yes. If people can take advantage of a good offer, they’re more likely to buy again or sooner.

Promotional drip campaign illustration

For most marketers and business professionals drip campaigns work very well to keep users engaged with their product or service. On the other hand, drip campaigns just save a lot of time, since most tasks you'd normally do manually can now be done automatically.

Before you start with Push Notification drip marketing

To get your drip campaign off to a good start, we have a few examples of different types of proven Push Notifications that will work in your next drip campaign:

  • Welcome notification
  • Educative notification
  • Special offer notification
  • Milestone notification
  • Request for review notification
  • Social media notification
  • Quick reminder notification
  • New announcement notification
  • Abandoned cart notification
  • Recommendation notification
  • Schedule a demo notification

If you're not familiar with Push Notifications, be sure to read this guide first.

Example of a Welcome Notification

Think of your welcome notification as a receptionist for your site. The goal is to give a good first impression to all new visitors. A good first impression can make all the difference when converting visits into sales and is also great to start building brand engagement.

Be creative with your welcome message, you know your target audience best. A promotion can also be seen as a welcome message.

Example of a welcome push notification

Example of an Educative Notification

Offer your new or current visitors something special, something of great importance and relevance that you know is useful. You can offer new content, access to events, or free educational guides.

Let's say you want different types of content read by your visitors because you think it’s of great importance that they are aware of certain things which can help them. You could just easily extend their knowledge with educational drip notifications.

Example of an educative push notification

Example of a Promotional Notification

Successful campaigns start with a predefined subscriber list. Building segmented and targeted subscriber lists is the best way to get going; you might not want everyone to receive your special offer.

The type of offers you might want to promote will be unique to your business. If you’re selling software, you might want to offer a free trial, and if you’re selling clothing, you might want to offer 3 for the price of 2.

In reality, we see that many users use drip campaigns that include a promotion.

Example of a promotional push notification

Example of a Milestone Notification

We've seen a lot of drip campaigns with original examples. A very good example is the milestone notification. This way you reward your visitors that they are the 50,000th visitor of your website, and therefore, get an extra reward.

Another form of this is rewarding the amount of views users have on an e-learning course in which you reward your visitors and keep them motivated with a Push Notification.

Example of a milestone push notification

Example of a Request for Review Notification

Positive reviews have been proven time and time again to have a huge influence of buying behavior. Not only do customers have more faith in your products but also your business which inevitably leads to more sales.  

Sometimes it can be very difficult to collect reviews, especially if you don't want to buy expensive review tools. A successful drip campaign asking your customers for their feedback at the right time can be incredibly successful.

Example of a request for review push notification

Example of a Social Media Notification

A social media drip campaign can significantly increase the amount of followers, likes, and comments you get. With Push Notifications, you can also send your website visitors to your social media profile.

This way, you can be sure that you keep your visitors close to you by not only letting them get in touch with your website but also with your social media profiles.

Example of a social media push notification

Example of a Quick Reminder Notification

Quick reminders about news, products, or services can work wonders getting your customers to return to your business. Sometimes a simple reminder can spark otherwise lost interest.

Example of a quick reminder Push Notification

Example of a Fear of Missing Out Notification

Many marketers are familiar with the marketing term FOMO or "fear of missing out". This is a good example of the proper use of the come back Push Notification in your drip campaign.

Many customers or leads are afraid that they will miss out on a good deal, and therefore, immediately make a purchase or register to get in touch. These campaigns are often time sensitive and can be highly successful.

Example of a Fear of Missing Out push notification

Example of a New Announcement Notification

Do you have an event or new release coming up? Then a timely drip campaign is the perfect way to get maximum engagement before you announce something.

The point is that you make visitors aware of the fact that something new is coming soon and that they are looking forward to this moment together with you.

Example of a new announcement push notification

Example of an Abandoned Cart Notification

Abandoned cart notifications are ideal for companies with an eCommerce business. They can set up a drip campaign to remind customers of left items in their shopping cart so they will complete their purchase.

Example of an abandoned cart push notification

Example of a Recommendation Notification

If one has previously viewed a product or service, it is obvious that they may be interested in similar products or services.

A good example of this is a drip campaign in which you recommend other items with a Push Notification after they have shown interest before.

Example of a recommendation push notification

Example of a Schedule a Demo Notification

Are you promoting a product or service that you would like to explain to your customers? Then you can use a drip campaign to faster score leads for your demo.

Imagine someone has shown interest in your product, after a couple of days, they come back again to view your service. From that point, you can ask this person to schedule a demo. The likelihood this person will convert after a good demo is very high.

Example of a schedule a demo push notification

Best practices

Target your audience

Structure your campaign so that it focuses exactly on the right target groups. Your subscribers will be more engaged if they get a personalized Push Notification. The deeper your segmentation, the greater the chance of guaranteed sales.

Timely, relevant and precise notifications

Show your visitors the right content at the right time, relevant Push Notifications are key to the success of your campaign. Frequency also plays an important role when sending notifications. Good notifications depend on precisely targeting and segmenting your audience based on their previous engagements.

See what works best for your audience

Test, test, and test again. Learn from common mistakes and see what works best for your campaigns. No doubt your first few campaigns will be more difficult but they will get easier and more successful as time goes on. You can continue to improve them with the help of A/B testing and data analysis.

Expand your marketing stack

Push Notifications will probably not be your only marketing tool to increase conversions and sales. Fortunately, Push Notifications are quite generic and can be applied in combination with other marketing tools so you can give your visitors the best experience.


In short, you have now learned what a drip campaign is and how to use it effectively and efficiently within your own marketing strategy. You know where to place it and how to set up the flow in the best way. You know the difference between email drip campaigns and Push Notification drip campaigns and thought about how to combine them. With all the information above, you’re set to create great drip campaigns and provide your customers with what is valuable to them.

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