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Marketing Automation with Push Notification Campaigns

Push Notification automation is finally here!

Sending Push Notifications with PushPro is pretty easy. You can send a Push Notification directly from your website to your visitor’s device. With audience segmentation, you can target a notification to a subscriber who matches specific attributes. However, you were not yet able to automate an entire series of Push Notifications based on custom rules. 

Today, we proudly introduce PushPro Campaigns. With campaigns, you can automate your entire Push Notification marketing channel. 🚅

As part of our campaigns feature, you can create Push Notification templates, enabling you to easily re-use your notification designs within your campaigns and one-off notifications.

Benefits of Push Notification automation

To give a quick impression, we’ve set the key benefits apart for your campaign events.

  • Save time: campaigns run 'automagically' so you can focus on other important stuff
  • Optimal Audience targeting: apply segmentation to your campaigns to reach the right audience
  • Keep visitors engaged: use drip campaigns to keep your visitors engaged
  • Increase brand awareness: keep your brand top of mind by appearing on the user's homescreen
  • Increase relevance: send the right message at the right moment without lifting a finger

Getting started with Campaigns

A campaign enables you to automatically send messages to your subscribers. Building your own campaign is done with a few steps:

  1. Campaign type: choose from a new subscriber campaign, interval campaign, or page visited campaign
  2. Entry filters: choose which subscribers enter your campaign
  3. Timeline: configure when subscribers receive which notification
  4. Override rules: optional rules to override timeline settings

Campaign Type

Right from the start, we will support multiple campaign types, allowing you to automate for various use cases. You can choose from the following campaign types:

  • New subscriber event: a subscriber enters this type of campaign as soon as she subscribes to your Push Notifications. Choose this campaign type if you would like to send one or more welcome messages to your new subscribers. 
  • Interval event: this campaign type is based on a predefined time schedule. You can configure the campaign at a set time every day, week, month, or year. These campaigns are great if you offer recurring deals or host events.
  • Page visited event: this campaign type activates when a subscriber visits a specific page on your website. For example, when your subscriber visits any page starting with ‘careers’, or ‘order-confirmation’. You could keep them up to date about new job offers or thank them for placing an order.

Entry filters

Targeting is key and with campaigns that's no different. We'll give you two sets of options to determine which subscribers enter your campaign. Either a subscriber must belong to a segment or it must (not) have entered the campaign before.


The timeline is where you configure your campaign logic. For each step in the timeline, you have three different options: a pause, decision, or notification.

With decision blocks, you can configure up to three decisions which may route to different paths. One path may require the campaign to hold for a certain amount of time before continuing while the other two paths must satisfy a rule before advancing. These rules have the following options:

  • Advance if the subscriber has visited a certain page
  • Advance if the subscriber has received an earlier notification in the campaign
  • Advance if the subscriber has clicked an earlier notification in the campaign
  • Advance if the subscriber has closed an earlier notification in the campaign

You could also introduce a pause in the campaign. With this rule, you can simply configure the campaign to pause for X minutes/days/hours. Make sure to use these rules to prevent spamming your subscribers.

The last element is the actual notification > select a notification template and name the notification. 

Analyze your campaign performance

When your campaign is up and running, you can monitor its live performance. For every run of a campaign, you’ll see how many of your subscribers are in each step of the timeline.

This is a great tool to analyze performance changes of the campaign after you’ve altered the campaign. Let’s say you change a decision rule. You would want to know whether more or less people satisfy that rule and advance in the timeline. Our reporting allows you to have full insight.

Ready to create your own automated Push Notification marketing strategy?

Now you’ve seen what we have been working on, it's time to experience all the benefits yourself. Create your PushPro account with a 14-day free trial or log in directly to create and manage your campaign events!

Ready to take PushPro for a spin? Get started for free now.

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