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NEW: Multi-user Management

Improve productivity with multi-user management

Multi-user management is now available for our Business and Enterprise plans! Add up to 5 (Business) or up to 15 (Enterprise) users to your PushPro team. Save time while working together without the need to exchange account credentials or waiting for one another.

Benefits of Multi-user Management

With this new feature, you are now able to add team members to your account and manage your Push Notification marketing together. This brings along many benefits, among others:

  • Save time. PushPro allows you to log in and work simultaneously with your team members on multiple, separate push notifications. 
  • Multi-language. International organizations can now grant access to all marketers working in different countries. This enables sending Push Notifications in different languages, setting up separate campaigns for each country using the segmentation feature.
  • Safety. As multiple members can be invited to join the same PushPro account, there is no longer the need to exchange passwords, etc., increasing the safety of private information within the organization. 
Screenshot of how to invite a team member in the PushPro Portal

How to invite team members

Step 1. Log into your account

Step 2. Go to your account settings (right top corner)

Step 3. Go to the ‘Team’ Tab

Step 4. Click on ‘Invite member’

Step 5. Fill out the required information (i.e. email address, first and last name.) and choose whether you want this member to be able to manage your account settings

Step 6. Click invite and you are ready to go.

“Manage your Push Notification marketing together with your team.”

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