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Push Notifications for TYPO3, now it’s possible

Push Notifications for TYPO3, now it’s possible

We are proud to say that PushPro is now also available for TYPO3 users. We have developed an extension that makes it possible to link your TYPO3 CMS to PushPro within minutes, allowing you to send Push Notifications with ease.

We have created a clear installation guide to ensure that PushPro is successfully installed on your TYPO3 site. To start sending Push Notifications directly, you can download PushPro from the TYPO3 extension repository. To help you make the most of PushPro, here are some helpful tips.

Push Notifications for TYPO3

By using Web Push Notifications on your TYPO3 site, you can quickly increase customer retention and engagement, resulting in increased Click Through Rates, Conversions, Sales, and Brand Awareness. Earlier, we wrote a complete guide on how to start with Web Push Notifications and the benefits they bring. If you are already familiar with how Push Notifications work, we’ve summed up a list of best practices to make sure your marketing campaign is successful.

Features Available

If you don't know PushPro, we have a whole host of different features that will give your marketing a massive boost.

Customise your opt-in request

In addition to the standard browser notification, you can configure a personalized opt-in request which will allow you to accumulate more subscribers for your TYPO3 website.

Custom opt-in request on TYPO3 website

Create the perfect message for your audience

Once you have subscribers, you can start sending them Push Notification on your TYPO3 site. Make your message extra personal by setting up your company's logo and adding emojis for a higher open rate. You can test your notifications in advance, simulating the same experience as your users.

Web Push Notification on mobile phone

Send Targeted Push Notifications

If you have used e-mail marketing before, audience segmentation is probably not an unknown term. With PushPro, you can segment based on a set of rules that you set up in the audience segmentation manager. Send the right messages to the right people and see how your marketing results increase!

Benefits of Audience segmentation for marketers visualised

Automate your workflow with event triggered notifications

Sending Push Notifications has never been easier with one of our most recent features; event triggered notifications. This allows you to set very advanced rules in your campaign, to send messages automatically. Next level marketing automation is here!

Marketing automation for push notifications

Free Trial

With our favorite features, you are ready to outperform your competition. Get started with PushPro hassle-free; Get the extensions and start your free 14-day trial period.

Take your TYPO3 website to the next level! Need help? Our support is at your fingertips.

Ready to take PushPro for a spin? Get started for free now.

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