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Push Notifications Will Turn Blind Spots Into Sweet Spots!

Sending Push Notifications has never been so easy.

Push Notifications from any website turning blind spots into sweet spots!

PushPro gives you the ability to send Push Notifications from your website to both your mobile, tablet, and desktop browser visitors. Contrary to other solutions, who only offer desktop browser notifications or native app notifications, PushPro allows you to reach the hundreds and even thousands of mobile visitors who are not leaving their contact details such as their e-mail address, and are now a full blind spot to you.

Did you know that an astonishing 96% of internet users don’t leave an e-mail address or any other way to communicate with them on your website? With PushPro, you can now turn your Blindspot into a Sweet Spot!

So how does it work?

Desktop browser notifications have been around for a while now. These notifications allow you to share important updates with your subscribers, which is cool, but they will only show when they have their browser open - which is a shame.

The technology around websites, however, has been drastically improved. Especially the technology regarding the Mobile web and the capabilities which come with that. The newest trend, and also the future of the mobile web, are not just websites and native apps anymore: these two worlds have (finally!) merged and have given the mobile web capabilities which before were only available for native apps. This new web standard has been named by Google: Progressive Web Apps (read more about PWA here).

Among the PWA functionalities, we find offline-mode, add-to-homescreen, full-screen-experience, super-fast-loading, and many more. One of the major updates for customer engagement, however, is the capability to send Push Notifications to mobile devices with the same experience as a Native App! 

Native app like Push Notifications

But what do we mean with that? Sending Push Notifications to Mobile Visitors with a “Native App Like Experience”, means that the Push Notifications don’t just look as if a Push Notification was sent from a native app, but also behave as such.

This means they are being sent to all subscribers, everyone who pressed ‘allow’ upon subscription requests, always. Even when they are not directly on your website, don’t have the browser open, and even when the browser is fully closed down in the background, the Push Notifications will still arrive! Not only that, you can also greatly enhance the Push Notifications by using icons, emoticons, and even rich media. And last but not least, you can add full segmentation to them as well - sending the right message to the right person. 

Do you need a PWA to send Push Notifications?

No! You don’t need to fully adjust your website front-end to a PWA to start sending Push Notifications! With PushPro, we developed an easy tool which allows you to send native app-like Push Notifications from any website - with just a 5 minute installation.

The only thing you need to do is create an account on PushPro, choose a plan, go to Domain Settings, and add your domain there. Optionally, you can add your own icons and branding (only in paid plans) and set a custom opt-in message. After doing this, PushPro will automatically generate a JS file and a code snippet, which both need to be added to your header. Read more on how to install in our install guide here.

After installing, you can immediately start collecting subscribers and start sending Push Notifications!

So would you like to turn your Blind Spots into a Sweet Spot? Start pushing today with PushPro! Click here to get your 14-day free trial.

Ready to take PushPro for a spin? Get started for free now.

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