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Push Notifications: Small Messages, Big Impact

What exactly are these so-called "Web Push Notifications" actually?

Push Notifications simplified

We all know Push Notifications from our apps. The small messages you receive on your phone or tablet screen informing you about messages you received, games needing your attention, new likes and followers on your social media accounts, or breaking updates from the news.

These small messages have a big impact: they grab your attention, always. You always see them, you always look at your phone and if they are truly engaging, you open them.

Compared to traditional marketing, such as e-mails, Push Notifications have the big advantage that you appear directly on a persons phone, that you stand out from the crowd and most important: you don’t need to collect e-mail addresses or other information first.

Did you know that 96% of internet-users surf the web anonymous? They don’t leave their e-mail addresses or contact information on websites, neither do they setup an account. A gigantic blind spot every marketer would be dreaming of to turn into a sweet spot.

The threshold to allow a Push Notification when visiting a website is much lower than the threshold to sign up for a newsletter service. Numbers also show this: on average, 53.3% of user opt-in to Push Notifications in 2018.

Chart regarding the average opt-in rate for Push Notifications in 2018

Not only is the Opt-in rate important, but also the engagement rate. When it comes to Push Notifications, engagement is measured as the average number of sessions push recipients completed within the first week of receiving the message. We can clearly see a lift of 30% since January 2017, and no signs of slowing down.

Chart about the raise in engagement for the company Localytics

But wait - Push Notifications on mobile devices are for apps right? You need to have a native app next to your current website to use this super cool tool - and not only invest a ton of money in building and maintaining them, but even more effort (and money) in having people actually find, download, and use your app! And there is already the first problem: an average user downloads zero apps per month. Yes, you read that right: none, nada, zero.

No more native app needed - send straight from your website!

Luckily, times have changed. With the new technology developed by PushPro, you don’t need a mobile app anymore to send Push Notifications to your visitors. You can send them directly from your current website, straight to the mobile devices (and desktops) of your visitors! No need for complicated development, no need to build a special website, just a 5-minute installation and you are good to go.

After installation, you can setup a custom opt-in message, fitting your brand, identity, and, of course, containing the right trigger for people to accept. With just one click, your visitors subscribe to your service while still being completely anonymous and without filling in any form or file. Just one click.

After you gathered subscribers, you can immediately start sending Push Notifications. These messages are short, fast, and easy. No complicated templates as you have with e-mail marketing, no content gathering: just a title and short small body message, if desired, enhanced with emoticons. If you wish, you can even add a button for more ‘call-to-action’, but that is not mandatory. Finally, you fill in the landing page URL and check if the message looks good in our WYSIWYG editor -> and it’s time to send!

And to finish it all, we provided a reporting tool so you can actually see how your messages perform by delivery, open rates, and click-through rates, so you can optimise, compare, and get even more out of your next message.

Push’m all!

So what happens after send? Simply said: your message will be delivered to any subscriber to your service. They don’t have to be present on the website to receive the messages, not even have the browser ‘open in the background’ . Your message will appear as any other Push Notification your users are used to receive from their current apps. This makes Push Notifications extremely visible and also easy to respond to and interact with.

Creating such high engaging interaction is beneficial for any type of website. Whether you are running a webshop in Magento or Shopify, a blog with Wordpress, if you have your own custom system, it doesn’t matter. PushPro can be installed on any type of website, for any type of industry.

Imagine running a fashion webshop and you want to inform customers about your upcoming sale, or being an organizer of an event or great music festival and you want to inform your visitors you added new artists to your line-up. Maybe you run a news website or blog, what easier and better way is there to inform your visitors that new content has been published? The possibilities are endless - and the rewards are even bigger.

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