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Push Sky-High during the Festive Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just behind us, and Sinterklaas, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year around the corner, the busiest and most profitable time of the year for online businesses is here. This period revolves completely around sales, offering the best deals, and ensuring your (potential) customers know about these deals.

According to our partner BigCommerce, the number of website visitors increases on average by 63% during the festive season. This means that there are more potential customers on your website and that you have more chances to increase customer engagement and sales!

To engage with website visitors and to promote products and services, businesses are continuously looking for new, creative marketing tools. Especially during the festive season, it is of high importance to differentiate yourself from the competition and to convince your audience that you offer the best deals.

Well, we’ve got the perfect, innovative solution for you: Push Notifications.

How to rock during the festive season

Push Notifications are short, powerful messages that stimulate recipients to do something, for example, to read a blog, to visit the website, or to check out a certain deal. Not all notifications are effective and deliver the results expected. But with these tips, there is a big chance that your Push Notifications are effective and engaging!

1. Be clear

In 1-2 sentences, you have to convince your website visitors to visit your website and claim the deal you offer. Thus, be straight to the point, describe your deal, and link to your website.

2. Use Emojis

Emojis lead to opening rates up to 80% higher than when not using emojis. Why? Studies show that consumers’ purchase intention is strongly influenced by emotions. Emojis are a psychological trigger used to influence these emotions and convince recipients to open the notification and turn into buying customers.

3. Targeting

When promoting your deals, it is important to only promote them to those who would be interested in the deal. Luckily, with PushPro, you can divide your subscribers into specific groups or segments, and send them targeted notifications. The perfect solution to prevent spamming.

Extra tip!

Outside the holiday season, we already recommend customizing your opt-in request as familiarity with your brand leads to higher opt-in rates. The increase in website traffic during the festive season brings along the perfect opportunity to grow your subscriber base even more and gives you the power to reach more people. Thus, add your logo and use brand colors!

In sum, Push Notifications are a great, innovative, and creative way to distinguish your business from that of your competitors. Reach out to your website visitors promoting Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, special Christmas discounts, send New Year’s wishes, and so on, which will lead to increased customer engagement and sales. Push and grow!

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