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Updating the Custom Opt-In & Dynamic Snippet

Learn what’s new in this PushPro update.

Updating the Custom Opt-In & Dynamic Snippet

Today, we are launching PushPro v2.5 with: Opt-in personalization & Dynamic snippet!

From now on, it’s possible to change the complete styling of your opt-in message. We wanted to give you more options so you can style the opt-in request exactly as you like, including the button text!

You can change more than just the heading text and description. It is possible to make the opt-in completely in your own style such as the corporate identity of your website. We have made sure that you can adjust the position of the opt-in, so that you can decide for yourself on which part of your webpage the opt-in will be displayed to your visitors.

Parts of the opt-in which are now customizable (also including editable button mouse-over effects):

Screenshot of customized opt-in example in the PushPro portal

How can you style the custom opt-in?

Style your opt-in message, navigate to the custom opt-in tab. In your selected domain, navigate to configuration > custom opt-in

  • Change the content as you would like it to be shown to your visitors. This is, of course, also possible in your own language.  

Screenshot of the custom opt-in feature in the PushPro portal

  • Change the styling the way you want to show it to your visitors; this can be equal to your website styling. You can also create hover/mouse-over effects to give your opt-in a smooth look and feel.

We added a color picker for you so you can choose between: HEX, RGB and HSL color codes. If you need some color inspiration, click here for beautiful palettes.

Screenshot of the custom opt-in styling feature in the PushPro portal

  • Change the settings to change the behavior of your opt-in. You can change its position to your preference. You can choose the time before the custom opt-in is shown again to a visitor after they declined or did not choose an option in the browser prompt.

Creating a behavior for your opt-in to be shown again means that it is more likely that visitors will opt-in for your Push Notifications, since the opt-in will come back on their next visit!

Screenshot of the custom opt-in settings in the PushPro portal

And done, that’s how you fully customize your opt-in message!

Protip: Preview your opt-in so you know what your customers will see.

But we have more… The Dynamic Snippet!

From now on, once you install your code snippet from your PushPro configuration settings to your root folder, we automatically update changes you have made once you press save, no more code hassle! Great, Isn’t it?

What else is new?

We’ve added an installation check. With one simple click, you are sure that you did the PushPro installation right. You can find the installation check in your PushPro portal, navigate to configuration > installation check.

Screenshot of the PushPro portal installation check

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For users on a free account, we now offer a 14-day trial for free! You can take a deep dive into all the Pro features of our premium plans and experience how Push Notifications can take your business to the next level.

So if you haven't used the free trial already; go to the upgrade page and claim your free 14 days!

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