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After successfully launching our PushPro beta almost a year ago, we’re happy to announce to you our second launch on Product Hunt. We worked really hard for this and are super excited to share with you a total revamped PushPro 2.0: experience the power of built-in features like automated Push Notification campaigns, audience segmentation, time scheduled notifications, and so much more!

Available for major platforms with ready-made plugins and extensions.

Who we are?

PushPro is built as a marketing tool to increase engagement with your visitors by sending Push Notifications with the newest web-technology. With PushPro, you can send powerful Push Notifications from any existing website to reach all your visitors directly on their mobile device or desktop. With PushPro, you don’t need an app installed to make Push Notifications happen; with a quick installation, you’re packed with the power to engage with your visitors!

You can check us out on Product Hunt if you'd like!

Benefits for you

PushPro excels in many departments as a profitable marketing tool which comes with rare built-in functionality to scale up your marketing activity. Although pushpro is a stand-alone marketing automation tool, it can also be used in combination with conventional marketing tools, such as e-mail marketing and data management tools.

Notifications for every device type

  • Reach visitors of your website directly on their mobile devices, there are no limitations. Our notifications even work on desktops!

Improve user experience

  • Did you know that with custom opt-in and drip campaigns you can create the perfect customer journey for your website? From now on, you show visitors exactly what you want them to see, resulting in a great user experience.

Custom call to action button

  • A good call to action is mega strong to realize conversions, so you can configure your own call to action and add a destination page.

One step opt-in

  • Your visitors will turn into subscribers once they click on the subscribe button. This can be done in just one simple click, easy right!?
Turn visitors into engaged audiences with just one click

Every styling feature you need

  • Configure your Push Notifications just as you like, add your brand icon, create the perfect message, add your favorite call to action button, and start sending!
Visualisation of how to create personalized opt-in requests within the PushPro portal

Serve the right audience

  • Is your marketing campaign destined for a certain audience? No problem! With our complete audience segmentation feature, you can send targeted notifications to your audience.
Visualisation of PushPro audience segmentation feature

Marketing drip campaigns

  • Drip campaigns in 2020 are totally hot! With PushPro, you follow the latest trend, automatically send notifications, and build your own marketing drip campaigns without any effort!
Visualisation of where to analyze your campaigns in order to improve the performance

We are very happy that, for the second time, we can be successful on Product Hunt. All our ❤️ goes out to our loyal customers because without them we would never have succeeded!

Send your first notification today with No.1 Push Notification Tool!

PushPro 2 - Push notifications from websites to mobiles - no app needed | Product Hunt Embed

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