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Why using Push Notifications for your blogs can get you more readers.

Create returning visitors to your blogs with Web Push Notifications🔔

So you might be wondering how to get best-selling synergy with a content marketing strategy that combines blogging and 👉 Push Notifications in a lean way?

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to get online (organic) attention, establish your authority, and be found in the search engines. Communicating with notification messages helps you to connect on a more intimate level, build trust with your audience, and gives you a tool to make relevant offers to your audience.

By combining your blogging strategy with Push Notifications, your powers are multiplied.💪

Example Push Notification for bloggers

Why should I use Web Push Notifications for my blogs🤔

Make sure you get the picture clear first; Push Notifications combined with your blogging strategy can save an enormous amount of time compared to setting up email marketing campaigns, social media posts, and so on. But don’t see it as a replacement for your email marketing strategy, because these still work! However, Push Notifications are a great add-on to optimize your whole strategy in terms of quick attention, user engagement, and target-specific messages.

But I don't want to spend hours on sending Push Notifications...

Don’t worry, we got you covered there. Creating a Push Notification takes no more than 2 - 5 minutes in the PushPro user portal as we’ve outlined in this earlier guide to get you started. You can also schedule your notifications for your upcoming blog series or topics, so that with just a little effort you’re prepared for future blogposts.

Alright, cool, so it doesn’t cost you any effort to get yourself up and running with Push Notifications, or shall we call it blog notifications from now on? 😁

So what would be the effect on my blogs?

We did a test in cooperation with one of our customers (concrete data exposure will be published in 2020 into a large case study). The test of the impact on their blog with Push Notifications was as follows: we have taken historical data from August and September about the number of visitors. And in October and November, they actively used Push Notifications to bring their blogs to the attention of the readers. Keep in mind that this business posts a blog every two weeks starting with a blog every 1st of the month.

A quick data view of what happened:

The total number of blog readers from August 1 till September 30 were 1,247 in total. Using our Push Notification service from October 1 until November 30, the number of blog readers from increased to 1,653 in total.

At the end of November, we put the data next to each other and saw an unbelievable result: the recurring visitor numbers had increased by 32.5%🔥 We started this measurement before the holidays because we know that the holidays affect the number of readers and the topics that are written.

Of course, these numbers are just an indication, but believe us, you definitely will increase your amount in readers by 10% within a short time period.

Will I reach more readers on my blogs with Push Notifications?

Simply said, yes, you will, and I'll explain to you why. Probably you've already done a lot of effort to get organic or paid traffic to your website, and you've done a lot of work to write an SEO friendly blog, including maintaining all your social media channels. This has created a group of loyal readers and many other readers who read your blogs once.

Now I ask you the question: do beside all your regular followers, other people see that you have posted a blog? The answer is likely no, and that's the difference; you can simply use blog Push Notifications to call these previous readers back to your website without any effort🤩. And believe us, they all see the message from your new blog appear on their mobile phone or desktop.


We see that sending Push Notifications is effortless and easy to use for your blog strategy. In addition, we have seen that in reality it actually works to increase the number of readers. It is also a nice user-friendly extension to other marketing strategies such as email marketing and social media.

The use of Web Push Notifications for blogs provides extra profitability for returning visitors. Therefore, it is a nice and cheap option to use for both novice and experienced bloggers.

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