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Leisure industry

People rely on their mobile devices when they've left their comfort zones during vacation.

How PushPro adds value to leisure industry businesses ⚽️

For family and friends

Family and friends stay in touch using Whatsapp or other instant messaging tools. If you want to reach out to them, your best bet is via their mobile devices.

You may do so by sending an email, SMS, or by calling them directly. An email will look wonderful, but who keeps track of their emails when on vacation? Text-messages require your phone number to be registered in the guest’s contact list. And unless you want to cause an awkwardly funny situation, calling your guests directly is a no go area.

What if you could send unobtrusive notifications to your guests expressing the best qualities of both branded emails and instant text-messages?

Offering the highest service level

With PushPro, you can easily send notifications about upcoming events, maintenance updates, or customer care activities to any phone, tablet, or laptop.

PushPro offers an easy to use dashboard to create, manage, and analyze your Push Notification campaigns. Just add a title, body text, and an image and you’re ready to go. Push Notifications sent with PushPro are branded, engaging, and notable.

Start using PushPro's Web Push Notifications. Your attentive and personal service level will be noticed instantly and remembered by your guests.

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If you want to know more about PushPro first, check the features page, choose one of the available plans, or get practical information about setting up your Push Notification campaigns in our resources section. Happy pushing!

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