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eCommerce businesses

The most important metrics to drive revenue are conversion and retention.

How PushPro adds value to eCommerce businesses 🛍

From conversion to retention

To boost conversion rates, you can use proven tactics such as personalized recommendations and abandoned cart reminders. Or you’d evoke a feeling of urgency to convert buy intentions to actual sales orders.

To maximize retention, you need to offer a supersmooth order follow-up and great customer service. You may also create a priority membership opportunity to seduce your customers to order again.

The way you follow up on a sales-order is crucial to progress your customer from a happy first-time buyer to a delighted returning customer.

Targeted Push Notifications

With PushPro, you can directly send an abandoned cart, personalized offer or customer service Push Notification to any device that’s been used to visit your webshop. And you don’t even need an app for that. Easy, eh?

PushPro offers an easy to use dashboard to create, manage, and analyze your Push Notification campaigns. Just add a title, body text, an image, and a webshop referral and you’re ready to go. You can even use your Google Analytics funnel to timely trigger a targeted Push Notification to your webshop visitors.

Start using PushPro's Web Push Notifications and instantly satisfy your customers' desire to be notified about relevant marketing promotions and operational updates.

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If you want to know more about PushPro first, check the features page, choose one of the available plans, or get practical information about setting up your Push Notification campaigns in our resources section. Happy pushing!

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