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How Bamigo turns prospects into happy customers.

Bamigo is founded based on the belief that there is a more comfortable and more sustainable alternative to our daily clothing. Since 2014, Bamigo has been selling underwear for men. The underwear is made of bamboo, and as it is extremely soft, it was the perfect match. Nowadays, Bamigo has expanded her assortment with loungewear. Yes, also made of bamboo.


Their main goal was to create a database of potential customers whom they can send short promotional messages about new products, sales offerings, et cetera. By reaching out to them, Bamigo wanted to engage with their visitors and turn them into happy customers. PushPro is the perfect solution for Bamigo to achieve this goal.

After following eCommerce trends, we went looking for a web-based Push Notification tool. By simply surfing the web, we created a list of Push Notification services. After comparing the tools and getting in touch with PushPro, we chose them.”
We are very satisfied with PushPro. Compared to sponsored ads, customers don’t see it as advertising. It has become a structural added value in our marketing mix because we can reach potential customers, arouse interest, send them back to the website, and turn visitors into satisfied customers. With every special occasion, sending Push notifications is one of the first activities executed to ensure we achieve the best results.
Tom Meijer
eCommerce Marketer @ Bamigo

On average, Bamigo sends 2 notifications per month about special promotions, new items, or other big news. This leads to an increase in website visitors which in turn results in extra conversion. In addition, session quality is an important key performance indicator. This shows that website visitors who clicked on notifications are actually interested in their products.

tip of the day
"Don’t judge too soon… With PushPro, you start at the bottom, and over time, you will see your results improve. And always keep in mind the user experience. Customers should see Push Notifications as an added value, and not perceive it as annoying."
Tom Meijer
eCommerce Marketer @ Bamigo

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