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State of Art found a new way to connect with its loyal customer base.

State of Art is a popular Dutch menswear retailer with a rich and well-established brand heritage. It sells quality, classic fashion with a modern twist for men with an active lifestyle. Each year, State of Art designs eight new collections based on upgraded original, trendy details. The brand has a loyal customer following which means marketing is key for their business. After a Google search, they found PushPro.


Roel, eCommerce Manager at State of Art, experienced the feeling of receiving Push Notifications. If he visited interesting websites that used Push Notifications, he always accepted the opt-in request. The notifications often drew his attention and were perceived to be relevant. This was the main reason to start using PushPro for their own webshop, especially because State of Art has such a loyal target audience.

''With Push Notifications, you really draw your customers’ attention and trigger them to revisit your website. Besides, receiving a notification feels a lot more personal than receiving an email.''
Because of PushPro, we are able to quickly and easily create awareness for our deals among our loyal website visitors. This way, we keep them informed and increase our website traffic, conversion, and revenue.
Roel van der Lende
eCommerce Manager @ State of Art

State of Art has no fixed strategy yet when it comes to sending Push Notifications. They mainly use Push Notifications to promote deals. For example, a free product with your purchase or an interesting discount. Especially during SALE periods, the number of sent notifications goes up. However, they want to prevent being perceived as annoying thus they only send notifications when it is relevant or interesting for their audience. They’ve already collected more than 3,000 loyal followers who can be reached directly on their smartphone, desktop, and tablet.

tip of the day
Be patient. It might take some time to gather a sufficient number of subscribers to really see results, such as increases in sales and turnover, and to see your business grow.
Roel van der Lende
eCommerce Manager @ State of Art

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