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How SpearmintLOVE increased traffic and user retention using Push Notifications.

SpearmintLOVE is the leading, independent, online retailer in the baby and children’s soft goods market. They have different collections based on children’s age, gender, materials, and style. Besides clothing, they also sell accessories; from pacifiers, mealtime needs, toys, nursery decor, holiday wear, and more. With a broad range of brands and their own private label, SpearmintLOVE consistently offers the best, high-quality products to their customers.


At Spearmint LOVE, they were looking for a new and unique way to increase their website traffic. They heard Push Notifications give businesses the power to quickly and easily communicate with potential customers. For example, sharing what’s new or telling why people should revisit your website. PushPro was perfect as it could be easily implemented with BigCommerce.

The ability to update customers on the continuous stream of new products and launches fits with the fast-paced nature of our business.”

The easy system that PushPro provides makes it easy for us to market to customers, remind them to revisit our website, and ultimately to purchase from our shop. It’s great to know that we’re on a prominent side of a customer’s screen, enabling us to increase our website traffic and retention.
Alicia Kent
Financial Analyst

On average, Spearmint LOVE sends one or two notifications a week. Notifications are aimed at showing people what’s new on their website, whether it is a brand, product, or style. They reached their initial goal: “getting more people to their website”. A rising number of subscribers and healthy click-through rates led to increased website traffic and higher customer retention.

tip of the day
Every marketing channel is filled as competition increases, so using chrome notifications to be seen on a customer's screen is very valuable.
Alicia Kent
Financial Analyst

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