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Wooning retargets segmented audiences to achieve higher conversions.

Wooning, founded by Herman Wooning in 1960, is specialized in selling kitchens and bathrooms. Currently, there are six stores in the Netherlands located in Bergschenhoek, Rotterdam, Vlaardingen, Den Haag, Naaldwijk, and Spijkenisse, offering a wide choice based on price and taste. Wooning is part of the Mandemakers Groep and operates under the motto: Quality is the key driver to success.


Wooning wanted to try out something new. Until now, the company was looking for ways to segment their website visitors, among others based on customers’ online behavior, and subsequently, retarget them. And that is where PushPro comes into play, an effective and affordable tool to engage with website visitors, share relevant content, and eventually turn these visitors into sales qualified leads.

PushPro is a new, innovative marketing tool that focuses on constant development. Exchanging knowledge is the perfect way to partner up, leading to continuous improvement for both PushPro and Wooning, which perfectly suits our philosophy.”
PushPro listens to its customers in order to improve its tool, building concrete new features such as multi-user management. If required, PushPro helps you with building and checking automated push campaigns, offering you the possibility to obtain great results and get the best out of the experience. Together, we work on something amazing.
Erica van Esch
CRM & Marketing Campaign Specialist

On average, Wooning sends 1 notification every three weeks plus they are running three automated push campaigns. The notifications are mainly focused on planned promotions, welcome messages, and retargeting visitors who visited specific pages. Sending notifications has led to an increased number of website visitors and higher conversions. When comparing their average conversion rate with the conversion rate of subscribers who clicked on a Push Notification, the rate for the subscriber segment was 41% higher which is a great result. Plus, after sending 3 notifications, they already earned back the money invested in PushPro.

tip of the day
Invest enough time in exploring the portal to ensure you are understanding what you are working with and how to use it. Plus, include sending push notifications in your content/marketing planning as a separate channel and obtain the best results possible.
Erica van Esch
CRM & Marketing Campaign Specialist

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