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Tommy Teleshopping obtained almost 10,000 subscribers within 2 months.

Tommy Teleshopping is the Dutch market leader with regards to shopping from home via TV. Daily, they surprise their customers with new, innovative products that can be easily ordered via telephone or via their website. Currently, Tommy Teleshopping is selling its products in the Netherlands and Belgium. Always for the best price, occasionally coming with free gifts or extra discounts.


Online shopping via mobile phones is the future, and therefore, Tommy Teleshopping was looking for new ways to reach out to its customers. They noticed that the usage of Push Notifications was increasing whereas many customers were opting out of marketing emails. After a quick search on Google, PushPro popped up. An easy to use marketing tool that complements current online marketing activities.

''We are always searching for new ways to reach and connect with our audience. After a quick search, we ran into PushPro. It is a great way to complement our current marketing activities and reach out to customers who do not want to receive emails.''
PushPro is very easy to use, and therefore, it was very easy to add push notifications to our current daily activities. As we already had experience with push-channels such as TV, it was a quick and effective addition to our current communication, reaching out to our customers in a new, innovative way.
Lennart van Breugel
Online Marketer

It is important to only send relevant content to your audience. Therefore, Tommy Teleshopping decided to send 1 or 2 notifications a week. They’ve been experimenting with different content such as discounts, new products, themed messages, and more. In just a short period of time, they obtained almost 10,000 subscribers with an average CTR of 9%.

tip of the day
Just start experimenting and testing with PushPro! The first two weeks are for free and the cheapest subscription costs 15.- a month. It is not the end of the world if it does not meet your needs, but if it works, it is an affordable and effective tool to add to your marketing strategy.
Lennart van Breugel
Online Marketer

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